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Martin 'Marty' Peterson

To use the word "talented" to describe Marty would be a massive understatement.

Born and raised in the great state of Iowa, Marty has always had a great passion for Design and the Arts. After graduating from high school, Marty attended the University of Northern Iowa on a full four year Art scholarship.  There he received his Bachelors of Arts degree with an emphasis in jewelry making and silversmithing. Marty was poised to continue his education at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), having received one of only two Master of Fine Arts scholarships.

However life took him in a different direction that included six years as a police officer for the City of Gillette Wyoming. After six years of law enforcement Marty pivoted his career and began training to become an airline pilot for United Airlines. After 27 years of safely flying thousands of souls across the USA and western Europe, Marty retired from flying at the mandatory retirement age of 65.

Never one to  sit idly by, he came home and began pursuit of his life's first passions - the Arts.

In 2017, Marty began Coin Ring Making, collecting all of the necessary tools and equipment to hone his craft. He went on to design and have minted his own coin which is used in the fabrication of his Recovery Coin Ring. Over the last five years, Marty has worked endlessly to perfect his craft, working through multiple iterations of his coin and ring to reach the current version being delivered today.

When he is not working on fabricating his Recovery Coin Ring, Marty spends time with his wife, his two stepdaughters, and his three grandchildren.


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